Kategorie: CD-Reviews | Genre: Postrock, Ambient | Heft: Jahrgang 2013, eclipsed Nr. 150 / 5-2013 | VÖ-Jahr: 2013 | Wertung: 8/10 | Label: Pelagic | Autor: DC

Postrock of the world, today Denmark. If you associate the local music scene with names like Efterklang, Lis Er Stille or Slaraffenland, you can - if you haven't already done so - put a new name on your Scandinavia Top 5 list: The Shaking Sensations. For ten years now, the five musicians have set themselves the task of setting melancholic dream fantasies to music and packing them into melancholy, elegiac instrumental ballads. This kind of seems like a country thing. And since the competition is not asleep, a second drummer is allowed to provide additional vibe. Standing out from the crowd can be so easy. Musically, TSS are in the same league as bands like Maybeshewill or their Danish colleague Lis Er Stille, which means: dark ambient pieces with lots of delay in the guitars. Soundveredler Matt Bayles (among others Caspian, Mastodon) makes his contribution with a warm production to the fact that "Start Stop Worrying" has become a successful genre album for playwrights and lonely forest walkers.

Top track: Heavy Entify

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