With the style offensive on "Shook" the band ALGIERS demands attention

27. March 2023

Mit der Stil-Offensive auf „Shook“ verlangt die Band ALGIERS nach Aufmerksamkeit

On three albums so far, the quartet Algiers from Atlanta followed a straight path between the blues and gospel tradition of the southern states and the industrial rock of the north. On their fourth record, "Shook," they now take a completely new direction, or rather, break off in every conceivable direction at the same time. As if she wanted to rake in the history of 20th century music with a huge crowd of guests - among them Zack de la Rocha from Rage Against The Machine, Mark Cisneros from The Make Up and Samuel T. Herring from Future Islands - she combines elements of blues, jazz, rock, punk, hip hop, funk, electronic music and many other styles to a supernova of cultivated eclecticism.