THE ALLIGATOR WINE let the shreds fly completely without guitars

19. May 2020

THE ALLIGATOR WINE lassen komplett ohne Gitarren die Fetzen fliegen

Duos are still quite rare in the history of rock music. But you don't even notice this minimal line-up on their debut album "Demons Of The Mind". Completely without guitars, Thomas Teufel (drums, vocals & percussion) and Rob Vitacca (vocals, organ & synthesizer) let the shreds fly with their mega-groovy retro sound. The two musicians are at home
in the extreme south of Baden-Württemberg, in Waldshut-Tiengen, from where you can almost spit over the Rhine into Switzerland.

At the end of March the boys don't get too much out of the general corona hysteria. "We are actually completely surrounded by forests and Alps here," smiles Vitacca. "That's why it's not quite as conspicuous as in the big city, of course. Nothing has changed for us except that the tour as opening act for Horisont, for example, had to be cancelled. We either stay at home or bunk in our studio and continue to be creative, as always ...