05. September 2021


"Allium: Una Storia" is the name of the production by three prog heroes and friends Andy Tillison (a. o. The Tangent), Jonas Reingold (a. o. The Flower Kings) and Roberto Tiranti (a. o. New Trolls). It's a very special album, the idea for which goes back to a special afternoon that keyboardist Tillison experienced 45 years ago. In the interview, the 62-year-old Englishman talks about an unforgettable musical experience in Italy

eclipsed: Andy, how is your Italian language skills?

Andy Tillison: "Buon giorno", "Buona sera", "Buona notte" I know. That should be all of them. (laughs)

eclipsed: But obviously you love Italian culture?

Tillison: Especially the ancient culture there is fantastic and unique! From the modern era, on the other hand, there is Italo-Prog, which I love beyond measure.

With THE TANGENT, the private and personal cannot be separated from the political

04. September 2020

Bei THE TANGENT ist Privates und Persönliches vom Politischen nicht zu trennen

Andy Tillison is the mastermind behind The Tangent. Even though the British singer and keyboardist always emphasizes that without his fellow musicians Jonas Reingold (bass), Theo Travis (saxophone and flute), Luke Machin (guitar) and Steve Roberts (drums) the sound of the band would sound completely different. But the fact is that 61-year-old Tillison works out all the compositions at home. In the studio they are then given the finishing touches as a collective. This also happened with the current 11th studio album "Auto Reconnaissance". The focus is on music between opulence and fragility. The lyrics, however, also deserve attention, oscillating between inner and outer world, between self and social criticism. "The private Andy is impossible to have or grasp without the political one," jokes a well-prepared Tillison right at the beginning of the interview.