eclipsed No. 186 / 12-2016 - 1-2017

31. December 2016

eclipsed Feature: The History of German Rock

40 years ago: THE BAND say goodbye

23. November 2016

40 years ago: THE BAND say goodbye

Five musicians sitting on a worn leather set. They know more about each other than they care to. They've experienced things together that ordinary people wouldn't even dream of, and they've enjoyed the highest feelings of happiness and looked into the deepest abysses. They have played in front of hundreds of thousands of cheering fans, by others they have been mercilessly booed. They have spent the nights in gloomy juke-joints in front of a handful of boozers and have stolen their food together in shopping malls.

The five men have their own code. A glance, a short raising of the voice, a wink or a small gesture with the hand are enough to communicate wordlessly. They're not just some band, they're a bond, a family, a unit. Maybe that explains why no rock group ever sounded like this one. The Band were a powerful orchestra, so much larger than the sum of its only five instruments.