BLUES PILLS "Blues Pills"

21. July 2014

"Whenever he took pills" was the name of a US television series that caused a sensation in the USA in 1967 as "Mr. Terrific" and from 1970 with a German title on ZDF. The parents of the four Blues Pills probably also grew up with Stanley Beamish, who got superpowers from pills. The period in which this series flickered across the screens can confidently be described as the musical reference period of the young band.

BLUES PILLS - Everybody's Darling

27. June 2014

BLUES PILLS - Everybody's Darling

For quite some time now Blues Pills have been an absolute favourite with critics. This is mainly due to the two front men. Elin Larsson, the Swedish singer, has an organ that goes to her heart's content - and to the men, even to other regions, if you listen to the urinal pool conversations during and after a Blues Pills gig. But the woman is not only an eye-catcher, her soulful voice, which is often compared to that of Janis Joplin or Inga Rumpf, gives the band a lot of leeway. This is also extended by the second main player, Dorian Sorriaux.