CLIVE NOLAN shows a wide musical range solo and with Oliver Wakeman

08. June 2021

CLIVE NOLAN weist solo und mit Oliver Wakeman eine große musikalische Bandbreite auf

Clive Nolan is not only the keyboard player for Arena and Pendragon. He also writes musicals and works on very different projects. With his solo album "Song Of The Wildlands" and "Dark Fables", another collaboration with Oliver Wakeman, the Viking fan now has two new releases on the go. eclipsed met him for a Skype interview.

eclipsed: Where does your affinity for musicals actually come from?

Clive Nolan: My parents owned a lot of LPs, which I always put on. There were a lot of musicals on them, so I guess it's in my blood. Later my parents also took me to the theatre. I liked to be drawn into the worlds that were sung about there

eclipsed: Your new album is called "Song Of The Wildlands" ..

Nolan:... and it is not a musical. It's a concept album! I would call it a secular oratorio

eclipsed: But it certainly contains "musical clichés", doesn't it?