DONNY MCCASLIN - The perfect blowjob

30. November 2018

DONNY MCCASLIN - Der perfekte Blowjob

Donny McCaslin has been one of the hottest saxophonists in the USA since contributing to David Bowie's album legacy "★". The 52-year-old Berklee graduate gained important experience with jazz trumpeter Dave Douglas and the Maria Schneider Orchestra. Since his solo album "Casting For Gravity" McCaslin has developed an independent style that draws on fusion, art rock and electronic dance music. He goes one step further with his latest work "Blow.", on which he also picks up influences from alternative rock.


27. October 2016

Saxophonist Donny McCaslin's "Fast Future" was one of the most exciting jazz albums of 2015, and the 50 year old's popularity has increased significantly since he and his band were involved in David Bowie's farewell album "Blackstar". This collaboration left such an impression on McCaslin that he decided to dedicate "Beyond Now" to Bowie's memory.


17. February 2016

Thanks to his participation in the new David Bowie CD "Blackstar", US saxophonist Donny McCaslin will gain many new fans. With the exception of guitarist Ben Monder, the current Bowie band can also be heard on McCaslin's fascinating album "Fast Future". Here the 49-year-old Berklee graduate and Aphex Twin fan reveals his visionary potential because he shows the jazz genre new ways.