THE DREAM SYNDICATE goes on a journey from Dream Pop to Jam Rock

19. May 2020

THE DREAM SYNDICATE begibt sich auf eine Reise vom Dream Pop zum Jam Rock

Steve Wynn's DREAM SYNDICATE belongs to the forefathers of alternative guitar bands. The formation not only influenced the entire Shoegaze scene, but their double guitar front was also the inspiration for Sonic Youth. Wynn himself declared from the beginning that his music would be inspired by Ornette Coleman or John Coltrane. This was not always easy to understand, because these jazz musicians had little to do with guitar rock. But in the five long jams on the new CD "The Universe Within" the connecting line is finally revealed.

eclipsed No. 193 / 9-2017

18. July 2018

THE DREAM SYNDICATE - New Start in Psychedelic Jazz

15. September 2017

THE DREAM SYNDICATE - New Start in Psychedelic Jazz

It has been a long time since Dream Syndicate, with their special mixture of garage rock, country folk and psychedelic, not only provided the models for guitar bands like Sonic Youth or the Pixies, but also anticipated the whole field of tension from British Shoegaze to American Dreampop. Almost 30 years after their dissolution the Dream Syndicate is now back with the album "How Did I Find Myself Here?" and sounds better and more aggressive than ever. Serenity and strength have long ceased to be in harmony with poetry and an almost natural balance of all elements. Since then Wynn has regularly produced records in all conceivable constellations.