ECHOLONS)))) - Behind the mysterious door

12. December 2019

ECHOLONS))) - Hinter der mysteriösen Tür

echolons)))), this is the Marburg band, which currently consists of the two band founders Daniel Dorn (vocals, guitar) and René Zeuner (guitar, keyboards) as well as bassist Martin Brasche and drummer Hendrik Prause. After the two albums "Shoshaku Jushaku, Shake!" (2008), "About Sugar And Other Bitter Things" (2010) and the EP "Mount Neverest" the quartet now presents their third album "Idea Of A Labyrinth". A literally progressive mix of Artrock, Pop, Prog and Independent. Daniel Dorn and René Zeuner answered eclipsed questions about the new plant.

eclipsed: It is difficult to categorize your music. In the eclipsed review of the new album "Idea Of A Labyrinth" we chose "Prog-Pop/Indie/New Artrock". How do you value your music?