EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER - 50 years of ELP - Prog excesses with classic European roots

16. September 2020

EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER - 50 Jahre ELP - Prog-Exzesse mit klassisch-europäischen Wurzeln

"Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends!" was the motto of the prog power trio. Musical pomp full of virtuosity, made for eternity and with the claim to set a visual mark was his trademark. ELP were thus among the leading pioneers of progressive rock. But what role did they play, especially in the years 1970 to 1973, compared to the other genre founders King Crimson, Genesis, Yes and the art rockers of Pink Floyd? Together with drummer Carl Palmer, the last surviving member of the three, we take a journey through 50 years of ELP history, highlight the unique significance of this great band for rock music, review their most important albums, covers and special tracks and answer the question of what to expect from ELP in the future. Curtain up ..

KEITH EMERSON: 75th birthday tribute

12. November 2019

KEITH EMERSON: Würdigung zum 75. Geburtstag

On November 2nd, ELP keyboarder Keith Emerson would have celebrated his 75th birthday. For many progrock fans, the Brit, who put an end to his life on 11 March 2016, is regarded as the most brilliant representative of his guild in terms of playing technique. But Emerson also set standards in other areas: as a top-class showman, as a groundbreaking composer and as an ingenious mediator between classical music and rock. Critics liked to accuse him of gigantomania, while his artistic achievements were swept under the carpet. Therefore, it is time to pay tribute to the merits of this great musician once again

EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER - The Last Fanfare

22. November 2017

EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER - The Last Fanfare

Emerson, Lake & Palmer are history. Still in summer 2016 Lake and Palmer gave interviews about whether and how ELP will continue after Emerson's death. Already at that time Carl Palmer said: "Of course I am happy that there are obviously still enough people [...] who are interested in our compositions. I'm very proud of that. But ELP as such has become pure nostalgia for me. I'd rather look to the future, have my own projects, especially the Carl Palmer Band."

And he continued: "Many of our fans thought Keith, Greg and I had been at odds for ages. In fact, there's never been a really dramatic fight between us. We were even in contact with each other somehow, at least sporadically, over all the decades we knew or knew each other. But we were never fat friends, not even in the seventies. But we made amazing music together. That's what connects us forever, or am I wrong?"

WE DID IT OUR WAY! - Interview with Carl Palmer on the legacy of ELP

15. February 2017

WE DID IT OUR WAY! - Interview with Carl Palmer on the legacy of ELP

The 66-year-old drummer is still very agile. Carl Palmer wasn't only active with ELP either, but had already drummed with Atomic Rooster and The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown at the end of the sixties. He is currently flying between his own band Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy and Asia. Stuck in a traffic jam, the interview has to be postponed by a few days. Once on the phone, Palmer proves himself to be a British gentleman of the old school: he apologizes with impulsion, is polite and accommodating. And he's alive and kicking, his answers coming out of the gun.

eclipsed: After the death of Greg Lake you are the last living member of ELP. How would you describe the legacy of the band?

eclipsed No. 185 / 11-2016

31. December 2016

PINK FLOYD - The early years

Half a century after the founding of the band and two years after the end of Pink Floyd announced by David Gilmour, the art-rock legend presents "The Early Years 1965-1972", a box full of 27 CDs full of rarities from her early years. We take this publication as an opportunity to recapitulate these eight formative years - the prehistory of a world career. We also let Nick Mason speak in detail about the huge archive box and his memories of that phase.

GROBSCHNITT - Rockpalastrevolte

eclipsed No. 182 / 7/8-2016

31. December 2016

RETRO? ROCK! - Blues Pills and the New Generation Rock

EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER - Stars in the ring

26. October 2016

EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER - Stars in the ring

By 1973, Emerson, Lake & Palmer had become established superstars. The three respected musicians had earned their first spurs at a very young age with The Nice, King Crimson and Atomic Rooster. As a band their star had risen three years earlier at the Isle-Of-Wight-Festival. From then on, ELPs, which were preceded by their reputation as the first supergroup, were really hyped, even if they were extremely polarized. While they celebrated some as innovative pioneers, reconciling rock with jazz and classical music, others accused them of megalomania, blown pathos and exuberant bombardment. The debut album with the truly unrepresentative hit "Lucky Man", the records "Trilogy" and "Tarkus" as well as the daring and famous Mussorgski adaptation "Pictures At An Exhibition" were bulky, but all successful. They had increased the fame of the group, which in their own words was more a community of interests than a band.

EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER - Welcome back in black

22. June 2016

EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER - Welcome back in black

Greg Lake is an outstanding figure in the history of progressive rock: the singer, bassist, guitarist, songwriter and producer from Poole in the South of England joined The Gods in the late 60s, then King Crimson, and finally Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer brought Emerson, Lake & Palmer to life. In his rare interviews he now gives the executor of the ELP inheritance. The 68-year-old tries to explain why the unique sounds of his old band are still relevant. Why the suicide of his creative partner deeply shocked him. And why ELP, in whatever constellation, are not only history through the death of Emerson.

eclipsed: Are you happy or are you even proud that the complete ELP back catalogue is coming onto the market?

KEITH EMERSON - The Last Fanfare

20. April 2016

KEITH EMERSON - The Last Fanfare

Born in 1944 in Todmorden, the Englishman was the only child of a middle-class family. For a decade he was to be the rock keyboardist par excellence. Keith Emerson freed the organist from the corset of the sitting bureaucrat, who stoically pressed chords on a nut-brown box. The "King of Keyboards" took organ playing to a new level of sex, violence and ecstasy. In private rather shy, Emerson on stage turned into an aggressor who shook his Hammond like a stubborn lover, maltreated her with his elbows, stood on her and performed a wild ride. With this fascinating and disturbing performance, the dandy type early became the "Hendrix of keyboard instruments". However, he had not copied his wild stage show from the guitarist of the century, but from Don Shinn, whom he had seen at the Marquee Club in the autumn of 1966: "In the middle of one piece he began to shake his organ and poking around with a screwdriver. I was so impressed, I had a lot of ideas in my head afterwards."

eclipsed No. 120 / 5-2010

11. April 2014

eclipsed shopping list SPECIAL

The rumours are still spreading: Yes will go on tour in 2010 - in two independent bands!? Yes go to the studio in 2010 - with Anderson replacement Benoît David!? What is clear is that something is happening this year at the glorious Prog institution. We asked Yes-Urgestein Chris Squire for more information and delivered an eclipsed shopping list SPECIAL.

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