Prog veterans Jeff Brewer and Robert Hutchinson convince as THE FAR CRY

16. September 2021

Die Prog-Veteranen Jeff Brewer und Robert Hutchinson überzeugen als THE FAR CRY

"It's not easy being a prog band in the U.S.," moans Robert Hutchinson, drummer for The Far Cry, who have released an imposing first album, "If Only ...," bursting with ingenuity and playfulness. "Prog is more of an obscure niche market with us. Anyway, you don't get offers from clubs or bars like other rock bands." Hutchinson should know, because although "If Only ..." is the first album from the formation he formed a few years ago with singer and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Brewer, both musicians are well-known veterans in the American prog world. Already in the 80s they played together in the band Holding Pattern, which was commonly counted as neoprog, even though the musicians had no idea what that was supposed to be at the time: "We saw ourselves as a classic prog band. That was long before the internet, and we had no idea that a whole scene was growing up in England, whose music was then called neoprog. So there were no contacts there ..."