FARGO-PEDDER KNORN celebrates second album after reunion and his new book

20. August 2021

FARGO-PEDDER KNORN feiert das zweite Album nach der Reunion und sein neues Buch

"Oh, crap, I forgot all about you. But I'm home, so we can talk," Peter "Fargo-Pedder" Knorn greets me a bit irritated on the other end of the phone connection in Hannover. "I was just listening out the bass lines of older songs. But I can get on with that later ..." Amazing, Mr. Knorn, who founded Fargo in 1973 with childhood friends, must be very organized, at least in his second job as a manager (for UFO, among others).
With "Fargo-Peterchens Mondfahrt" his second book has just been published.