Friendship and a sense of belonging are FINAL CONFLICTS Trümpfe

19. May 2020

Freundschaft und Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl sind FINAL CONFLICTS Trümpfe

"It's a strange time talking about music Steve Lipiec, keyboarder of the English neo-prog band Final Conflict is surely right when he says that there are more important things than talking about rock music. The interview with eclipsed falls on a day when disturbing figures about the Corona situation in England become known. Only very slowly, therefore, does the interview develop as originally planned.

His band Final Conflict, who released their album "The Rise Of The Artisan" in January, also suffered from the crisis, but things could have been worse, Lipiec reveals: "The album is selling very well thanks to mail order. So we are lucky that prog fans simply still like to have an album in their hands. Only concerts are a problem: We had some gigs planned, which were all cancelled. They're missing, of course." Steve Lipiec is hoping to make up for those shows at some point, though. But he doesn't know when that will be yet. "It might be longer than we all think."