GOLDEN VOID - All controllers set to 11

22. October 2015

GOLDEN VOID - All controllers set to 11

eclipsed: The title of your new album, "Berkana", refers to a tree rune that stands for fertility, birth and growth and is also a symbol for the earth mother. Why did you choose this title?

Isaiah Mitchell: My wife Camilla (keyboarder for Golden Void; note) came across it by chance, and since we had mentioned the birch tree several times in one of the songs, it was obvious to use this title. We also wanted to make a new start with the record, which is also reflected in the title.

eclipsed: A fresh start? In what way?

Mitchell: The sound and the music are different. We didn't just want to be heavy, we also wanted to feel comfortable with quieter things, which is why we worked much more with dynamics.

eclipsed: Is the music also more life-affirming?

Music From Time And Space Vol. 58

23. September 2015

CALIGULA'S HORSE - Marigold (6:17)
Album: Bloom (2015)
Label/Distribution: InsideOut/Universal

Already on the predecessor "The Tide, The Thief & Riverʼs End" the Australians had shown amazing maturity. But "Bloom" goes a long way further, combining the strengths of Porcupine Tree, Haken, Periphery and Opeth. Jim Grey is also once again a hot candidate for the "Singer of the Year". (RELEASE: 16.10.)