HOELDERLIN - Between Krautrock, Prog and German Poetry

27. September 2021

HOELDERLIN - Zwischen Krautrock, Prog und deutscher Dichtkunst

Between Krautrock, Prog and German poetry. It bordered on a small miracle: After almost a quarter of a century, the Kraut and Prog pioneers of HOELDERLIN reunited in December 2005 and celebrated their stage comeback with a concert at WDR's "Rockpalast" in Bonn's Harmonie. Now the concert recording "Live At Rockpalast 2005" has been released on CD and DVD. We talked to longtime bass player Hans Bäär (real name Hans Maahn, brother of Wolf Maahn), who joined Hoelderlin in 1975, about the comeback and the development of the band.

eclipsed No. 90 / 3-2007

09. April 2014

Playing With The Band

Although they have not officially existed since 1995, new CDs of them are released with impressive persistence. Grateful Dead - with or without "The" - is a myth. But despite all the fables and legends that entwine around them, they were a real band with flesh and blood musicians. What makes the Grateful Dead exceptional, why don't you get tired of their countless live albums with always the same songs? Where are the boundaries between legend and reality of one of the most influential bands in rock history?