DAVID SYLVIAN & HOLGER CZUKAY - Hot Cold Nights in Cologne

02. August 2018

DAVID SYLVIAN & HOLGER CZUKAY - Heißkalte Nächte in Köln

Thirty years ago, former Japan singer/guitarist David Sylvian and CAN legend Holger Czukay released "Plight & Premonition", a collaborative album whose experimental spirit still amazes today. One year later they continued their cooperation with "Flux + Mutability". Now the German label Greenland is relaunching its adventurous works. David Sylvian tells the story of its creation.

eclipsed No. 195 / 11-2017

18. July 2018

WORLD RECIPIENT - On the death of Holger Czukay

25. October 2017

WORLD RECIPIENT - On the death of Holger Czukay

Holger Czukay has left behind an incomparable oeuvre. Not only with his band CAN, with which he wrote rock history since 1968, but also with large parts of his solo work, with which he paved the way for styles like HipHop or Techno. But as soon as Czukay has left us, one must seriously ask oneself whether he actually existed, or whether he was only the projection of the idealized artist. With all his technical finesse, he seemed to belong to the dying species of the art inventor, who, shielded from the rest of the world, creates gigantic things under the roof. With his velvet cap and sickle beard he could have sprung from a painting by Carl Spitzweg. When you met him, you never knew exactly whether he was in his imagination or in reality. The gates of his perception were always wider open than those of the rest of his surroundings.

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