On HUM's first album you listen to abysmal psychedelic metamorphoses

13. July 2022

Auf HUM's erstem Album lauscht man abgründig psychedelischen Metamorphosen

Three gentlemen from the Frankfurt music area: guitarist Harri Gottschalk, bassist Martin Krause and drummer Stehn Raupach have joined forces under the name Hum to present their version of psychedelic rock to the astonished world, garnished with stoner riffs and in garage rock production. One is already amazed by the band name and the cover of "One". There they pose in a kind of extraterrestrial full-body romper suits. What's behind this curious, almost surrealistic psychedelic rock attack, the three musicians explain best themselves ...

eclipsed: Could you briefly introduce yourselves with your musical background?

Harri Gottschalk: The three of us mix many influences, 70s rock, electro, punk, jazz, NDW, indie, noise. Somehow everything finds its way into our songs. But these are actually not songs, but rather dark worlds of sound that spread out.