IMPERIAL JADE are about to live up to their band name

29. October 2019

IMPERIAL JADE sind dabei, ihrem Bandnamen gerecht zu werden

"Imperial Jade" is the most valuable type of jade at all and a particularly beautiful piece of jewellery. Five young musicians from the Barcelona area thought that this would be just the right name for their band founded in 2012. "Back then we were all teenies," says 22-year-old keyboarder and guitarist Hugo Nubiola with a smile. The first album was aptly called "Please Welcome Imperial Jade" at the end of 2015, but it didn't cause as much waves as to attract attention outside Catalonia.

This changed at the end of last year when the band released the original version of "On The Rise". "A lot happened in 2018, we played at a number of festivals with our heroes like Deep Purple, Aerosmith or Alice Cooper. That gave us even more confidence, and we knew we were on the right track."