It took INHALO a measly twelve years to release their debut album

28. August 2022

Schlappe zwölf Jahre brauchten INHALO bis zur Veröffentlichung ihres Debütalbums

The Dutch prog band seems to come out of nowhere. In fact, however, its members are old hands, partly even old acquaintances. Fons Herder's versatile voice, for example, not only lends an amazing intensity to the Inhalo songs, but has also been heard on A Liquid Landscape. The other three band members previously formed the prog band Ivy's Dream (2009-2021), and the genesis of Inhalo's debut "Sever" is closely intertwined with it. "The story of 'Sever' started around 2010 and ended in 2020," recalls guitarist Roy Willems.

After just jamming around a bit with his old friend, drummer Pepijn Gros, the band project Ivy's Dream took off with Peter Cats on bass. They had gigs and eventually so much good material that they wanted to get serious about an album. "We got the opportunity to do an EP in 2013, and after that we wanted to find the right producer to record our music in the best way." That producer was Jochem Jacobs. Roy met him in 2014 at a party ...