eclipsed No. 162 / 7/8-2014

09. September 2014

The Story of Quadrophenia

"'Tommy' changed everything and saved us," Pete Townshend remembers in the introductory essay to the 2011 re-release of "Quadrophenia". Basically, The Who had been a singles band in the sixties; the sudden intellectualization of pop music had posed a new, unexpected challenge to its thought leader. "People suddenly wanted to hear 'serious' music from pop groups.

Between heaven and earth

JACK WHITE - Old Fashioned

27. June 2014

JACK WHITE - Old Fashioned

For fourteen years, the White Stripes screwed and shredded the shortest connection between punk and blues, bypassing all frills and diversions. In the long run, however, guitarist Jack White was not enough for this action area, and he additionally founded bands like Dead Weather or Die Raconteurs. All these groups are temporary history. Lazaretto" is his second solo appearance. "Lazaretto" is an album built in the seventies. The record is full of pop effects, but also relies on the deeper effect, which only opens up after repeated listening. White has eavesdropped on many of the classics of the genre such as Led Zeppelin or Cream.

JACK WHITE "Lazaretto"

26. June 2014

After his restrained solo debut "Blunderbuss" Jack White finally shows himself in all the splendour of his ingenuity. The sound world of "Lazaretto" is deeply rooted in the seventies. Blues rock bands like the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin or Cream have been godfathers, but also the suspended Memphis Blues has left its mark. Every now and then the playful brilliance of White flashes up, but needle-sharp guitar provocations like with the White Stripes clamp the mature bard.