2019 - The great review of the year

10. February 2020

2019 - Der große Jahresrückblick

The Beatles are a constant in a turbulent year, the rock scene shows itself to be stable, the prog fans are spoiled, and an album polarizes as rarely.

2019 was an eventful year in which global political events clearly divided society: One need only look at the increasingly erratic, autocratic presidency of Donald Trump, who continued to hold the world in check, or the eternal tug-of-war over brexite, which culminated in a new triumph of right-wing populism at the end of the year. But it was precisely this that led to an increased politicisation of society. Both exemplary and symbolic of this were the climate protests, which brought many young people onto the streets, especially in Germany

2018 - The great eclipsed-year review

13. February 2019

2018 - Der große eclipsed-Jahresrückblick

2018 was certainly not a year in which there were great musical innovations. Instead, the anniversary year of 1968 cast its long shadows, which was extensively acknowledged by all major daily newspapers and music gazettes. The fact that some of the old heroes are still active is very pleasing, whereby various opulent Reissues (Jethro Tull, Procol Harum, The Rolling Stones, Spirit, Wishbone Ash) contributed to keep the memory of the rock and prog pioneers alive.