JOHN HIATT and the Jerry Douglas Band look the people in the mouth with their album

05. July 2021

JOHN HIATT und die Jerry Douglas Band schauen mit ihrem Album dem Volk aufs Maul

The world is full of outcasts and people whose little lives have nothing to do with the media success stories we are encouraged to emulate on a daily basis. One of the last songwriters to persistently take on the stories of these unremarkable everyday heroes that we find not only in the provinces but also in the big cities is John Hiatt. The Heartland rock bard has been showing his heart for the forgotten majority on the fringes for decades, but especially after the trials of the Lockdown, his new album "Leftover Feelings" takes on a whole new weight.

It sounds like the checksum of empathy and wisdom. "I just like telling stories. Stories about people, places and things. I couldn't write an abstract song. It always has to be about something that people can relate to. When I write a song, I take the opportunity to communicate about the things that are on my mind." ...