JOHN LENNON - Comeback with a sudden end

14. December 2020

JOHN LENNON - Comeback mit jähem Ende

John Lennon would have celebrated his 80th birthday on October 9th, if he had not been torn out of life in a dramatic way almost exactly 40 years ago, on December 8th, 1980. Shortly before that, on 17 November, he had released "Double Fantasy" with Yoko Ono, his last album in his lifetime, which was to be the beginning of a major comeback after a five-year retreat into private life. eclipsed sets out on a search for clues in the fateful year 1980.

THE BEATLES SOLO - From the Fab Four to four individual artists

06. June 2020

THE BEATLES SOLO - Von den Fab Four zu vier Einzelkünstlern

After the failed attempt to rekindle the old fire during the "Get Back" sessions, the Beatles experienced a rapid process of disintegration: the cracks that had already opened up during the "White Album" became bigger and bigger. The separation in April 1970 led to chaos: The creative couple Lennon/McCartney was history, friendships were broken, but at the same time the four musicians were still contractually bound to each other. How did it continue for them? How can their solo work of the 70s be assessed from today's perspective? eclipsed tells the story of the end of the world's most famous band and a diverse new beginning.

JOHN LENNON + YOKO ONO - Lennon's On Sale Again

27. February 2019

JOHN LENNON + YOKO ONO - Lennon’s On Sale Again

Everything began with the desire to get married. Fifty years ago, John Lennon and Yoko Ono wanted to say yes to each other. What followed was not only an odyssey through half of Europe, but probably the most spectacular honeymoon in music history. Instead of having fun on a distant island, the freshly baked couple staged a week-long peace happening in an Amsterdam hotel room. The legendary Bed-Ins for Peace were born.

eclipsed No. 125 / 11-2010

11. April 2014

Kill your idols!

John Lennon would have been seventy years old on October 9, and his thirtieth anniversary would have been on December 8. The ideal time to review the short life of the Beatle in highlights. A look behind the myth.

"No pity please!"