eclipsed No. 125 / 11-2010

Kill your idols!

John Lennon would have been seventy years old on October 9, and his thirtieth anniversary would have been on December 8. The ideal time to review the short life of the Beatle in highlights. A look behind the myth.

"No pity please!"

Just two years ago Phil Collins had stressed that he didn't want to go into the studio anymore. Now the Briton, who lives in Switzerland, presents "Going Back", an album with interpretations of Motown numbers. But there are increasing signs that this recording could actually be the farewell gift of the successful musician and actor.


After the 100 big moments in rock history, we'll make it a little shorter for the 125th edition. It's not about big events, legendary albums or the best tracks from over four decades. We go into the songs, locate the individual moment that remains, that radiates magic, that almost animates us to listen again and again. Who hasn't put together a cassette with the best solos or heard a ¥magic moment' about the A-B function of the CD player countless times in a row. The spectrum ranges from classical solo to choruses, intros, the layering of instruments, breaks, outros to bridges, which can be more magical than the song itself. First of all: We make no claim to completeness, there are certainly thousands, tens of thousands and even more sequences that we could have presented here. Have fun listening to classics and unknown great deeds again and again. As a service we put a selection of Youtube links on our .

The rest is silence

When she picked up the title "album of the month" in the last issue of "The Cobrillo", she seemed to have come out of nowhere. The Danish formation Lis Er Stille has already presented its third recording. But a veil of uncertainty and vagueness lies over the quartet, combining progressive song structures with the tumult of alternative rock and the sophistication of new art rock. Lis He Silence love to escape.

The wild 13

Jaz Coleman has two honorary doctorates, leads the Prague Symphony Orchestra, is considered a descendant of Ghandi, and for 32 years has been making anarchic fights with the post-punk institution Killing Joke. How does it fit together? I don't. But that's exactly what makes the subversive Jetsetter so appealing, which already presents its 13th studio album with "Absolute Dissent".


In 2010 their narrow back catalogue has been re-issued: "The Stooges", "Fun House" and "Raw Power" were full broadsides against good taste at their first release and against what rock fans at the end of the sixties/beginning of the seventies generally thought they were. We tell the short, violent early history of the band with the infamous frontman Iggy Pop.

From "Hair" to Air

At the Isle-of-Wight-Festival 2008 Curved Air amazed the predominantly young audience with sophisticated prog, which was anything but old-fashioned. After intensive Internet research, the kids realized that they had witnessed the rebirth of a biting rock dinosaur. Singer Sonja Kristina looks back for us on the beginnings.

When one makes a journey

The Hamburg musician, composer and producer Achim Reichel is distinguished by the fact that he has always gone his own way. So the ex-rattle at the beginning of the seventies surprised - and shocked - with the psychedelic-experimental album "Die grüne Reise" - and set a Krautrock milestone as A.R. & Machines, which remained unnoticed in this country for a long time.

Turn of Time

Completely surprisingly, Mike Portnoy announced his departure from the New York progmetal institution Dream Theater at the beginning of September. The band and the drummer expressed their regrets about the separation in separate press releases. But despite all the assurances, this turn of events should have a bitter aftertaste for the fans.

"What connects us with Floyd?

The Battersea Power Station!" For over twenty years, London-based Alex Paterson and his band The Orb have been playing their little games between house, ambient and electronic styles, giving them their own touch. With "Metallic Spheres" he now presents an album that once again reveals new facets and presents a surprising guest musician: Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour.

Keep the text up! Cult songs and their meaning

In one of the most impressive songs in his repertoire, rich in great songs, Cohen tells of love, friendship and transience - but the Canadian bard presents his triangular relationship as a lyrical riddle, in which what is not said is just as important as what is spoken.

Liberace des Rock'n'Roll

He made headlines as a feather boa bird of paradise in the footsteps of the American Liberace, as a lover of eccentric glasses and - owed to his body size - grotesque platform shoes. But Elton John, singer, composer and pianist, has proven over four decades that he can do much more than "sing about dead blondes", as Keith Richards mocked in 1997 after the Lady Di version of "Candle In The Wind". Several hundred million records sold since 1969, including film music and musical compositions, speak for themselves, and the little man from Middlesex wandered between all kinds of styles. It started with the here and there psychedelic, but also folky influenced debut, changed from rock to pop and back, in between there were country hints and prog excursions.