JON ANDERSON has completed his all-star project "1000 Hands" after three decades

04. September 2020

JON ANDERSON hat nach drei Jahrzehnten sein Allstar-Projekt „1000 Hands“ fertiggestellt

Again and again lost albums haunt the annals of rock history, many of them unheard to this day (such as "Black Gold" by Jimi Hendrix). Some of them were only released in parts or new versions (famous examples: "Smile" by the Beach Boys, Pink Floyd's "Household Objects" or "Lifehouse" by The Who). Some of these mythical records, however, still see the light of day many decades later. So Neil Young unleashed "Hitchhiker" and "Homegrown" on the world after over 40 years. Now the former Yes-singer Jon Anderson is catching up after 30 years, his legendary project "Uzlot" came true. "1000 Hands. Chapter One" shines with an unbelievable number of top musicians from many genres: from jazz cracks like Chick Corea, Billy Cobham and Jean-Luc Ponty to many world music artists and prog musicians like Ian Anderson, Robby Steinhardt and old Yes comrades-in-arms like Steve Howe, Chris Squire and Alan White

eclipsed: Why did it take so long with "1000 Hands"?


22. June 2016


When a prog obsessive like Roine Stolt joins forces with a scene icon like Jon Anderson, you can expect great things. Many Yes fans hope that this collaboration will be no less than a worthy album in the tradition of the Prog pioneers. The fact that he was booted out of "his" band may not have completely wound Anderson yet. But he's been looking for ways to keep making yes music. One of these ways brought him together with Flower King boss Roine Stolt. eclipsed talked to both artists about this surprising, but somehow also logical cooperation.

eclipsed: Recently you were on stage with Steve Hackett, now the album with Jon Anderson. You obviously like to surround yourself with legendary musicians?

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09. April 2014