KALACAKRA - Aunt Olga and the black death

15. June 2021

KALACAKRA - Tante Olga und der schwarze Tod

Duisburg, early 70s: Heinz Robert Martin and Claus Rauschenbach founded the duo Kalacakra and released the album "Crawling To Lhasa" in 1972. A krautrock mix of dirty rock-blues-folk and Indian-Tibetan sounds. Right after that, the duo called it a day. In 2002 Martin dared to release a new album and now he is on the road again with Kalacakra

Heinz Robert Martin is 72 by now, but he remained musically active all these years and shows himself as open as ever in the interview.

eclipsed: How did your interest in the Tibetan, Indian and Far Eastern arise?