KRISSY MATTHEWS wrestles with his very own demons on his latest blues rock work

30. April 2019

Auf seinem jüngsten Bluesrockwerk ringt KRISSY MATTHEWS mit ureigenen Dämonen

I catch Krissy Matthews, 26 year old English-Norwegian guitarist and singer, on his mobile phone on the motorway just before he boarded the ferry from England to Germany. I myself am standing with my car on a supermarket parking lot in Frankfurt. Matthews is on his way to Bonn. In the local club Harmonie the "Rockpalast" will record a concert of his solo band for the "Crossroads" series on 21 March.

eclipsed: Are you more nervous before such gigs than at normal concerts?

Krissy Matthews: Of course. That's why we rehearsed a lot. We are very well prepared and will leave nothing to chance.

eclipsed: Doesn't that contradict what you otherwise offer live? You're often experienced as a free improviser, at least with solos.