LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE - An everlasting highlight

22. May 2019

LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE  - Ein immerwährender Höhepunkt

Lamp Of The Universe is Craig Williamson's one-man band. After his stoner rock band Datura broke up at the end of the 90s, the New Zealander tried it on his own. With "Align In The Fourth Dimension" the tenth Lamp Of The Universe album is now released on the German Sulatron label. Like all previous albums "Align In The Fourth Dimension" offers a soft, relaxed psychedelic wrapped in cotton wool, full of organs, tablas, sitar, guitars, mellotron, flute and hypnotic, trance-like rhythms as well as beguiling melodies. An oasis of bliss and spirituality. eclipsed talked to Williamson about the new album, his inspirations and 20 years of Lamp Of The Universe.

eclipsed: Craig, please describe the making of the album.

Underground Tips November 2016

26. October 2016

Underground Tips November 2016


1. Lamp of the Universe - Hidden Knowledge
2. Cosmic Ground - Cosmic Ground III
3. Wight - Love Is Not Only What You Know
4. Weites Luftmeer - Siebenunddreißig...
5. Pottwal - Double Space

1. The Spacelords - NagKanya
2. Goldkante - It´s Your Journey
3. Third Whale - Take It Out
4. The Kings of Frog Island - Long Live The King
5. Grub - The Kraken

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Underground Tips May 2015

22. April 2015

Underground Tips May 2015

In connection with these we Underground Äxpärten present you here monthly tips from the underground. This time it's quite psychedelic. Follow the links to the bands' pages. Have fun & support the underground...

TOP ALBEN (May 2015)

1. Krautzone/Lamp Of The Universe Split

2. Knall - Knall

3. Deaf Proof - Blood Red Sky Sessions

4. Kungens Män - Diskbänksockultism

5. Vespero - Fitful Slumber until 5 A.M

TOP-TRACKS (May 2015)

1. Sula Bassana - Dark Days

eclipsed No. 45 / 9-2002

08. April 2014