MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND - 50 years between heaven and earth

20. June 2021

MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND - 50 Jahre zwischen Himmel und Erde

Although the group around Moog wizard Manfred Mann was not able to sail permanently on the big international wave of success like Pink Floyd or Genesis, they have found a loyal audience with their perfect balancing act between spherical progressive rock and good mood classic rock, especially in Germany over five decades. In view of the anniversary, we take a look back at the Earth Band's eventful history together with bandleader Mann, long-term guitarist Mick Rogers and former vocal figurehead Chris Thompson. We also spoke with current vocalist Robert Hart. In addition, we put their most important albums and video documents in perspective.

eclipsed No. 65 / 9-2004

09. April 2014