eclipsed No. 176 / 12-2015 - 1-2016

09. December 2015

ROGER WATERS - "The Wall" and its creator 2.0

It was the absolute sensory overload. Nobody who attended one of the 219 shows could record everything that happened on stage. A sea of symbolic images, a flood of messages. A Roger Waters completely changed compared to 1980. Everything documented in impressive scenes in the new film "Roger Waters The Wall". eclipsed talked to the Pink Floyd founder about the change of "The Wall" and himself.

THE BEATLES - As the tones learned to walk

MANI NEUMEIER - To the seventy-fifth!

26. November 2015

MANI NEUMEIER - To the seventy-fifth!

A concert for excavators and drums. In 1988 Mani Neumeier staged this unusual combination of two worlds. It goes without saying that it was not a toy excavator, but a real monster from road construction. Neumeier garnished this performance, which can be admired on YouTube, with slapstick interludes full of abstruse humour. Is that Dada or gaga? Neumeier won't care the answer. The spectacle appears like a mixture of Karlheinz Stockhausen and Helge Schneider. And when the drummer, who was born in Munich in 1940, actually plays on children's toys or brass plates in his solo shows, he only proves his childlike, spontaneous humour. It doesn't always have to be intellectually minded. And so, incidentally, he can also touch emotionally, for example when he gives a contemplative Japanese drum singing duet with his wife Etsuko.