eclipsed No. 176 / 12-2015 - 1-2016

ROGER WATERS - "The Wall" and its creator 2.0

It was the absolute sensory overload. Nobody who attended one of the 219 shows could record everything that happened on stage. A sea of symbolic images, a flood of messages. A Roger Waters completely changed compared to 1980. Everything documented in impressive scenes in the new film "Roger Waters The Wall". eclipsed talked to the Pink Floyd founder about the change of "The Wall" and himself.

THE BEATLES - As the tones learned to walk

With "1+" an overwhelming collection of the Beatles' music videos, restored with state-of-the-art digital technology, has now been released. The two DVDs prove once more that the creativity of the band reached far beyond the recording studio. Their self-imposed ban on appearances in 1966 forced them to contact their fans in a different way. She did this in the form of short promo films, thus creating a new genre that would only triumph years later: the video clip.

SUBSIGNAL - Glückliche Sternenkonstellation

Subsignal's fourth album again features a mix of prog, melodic rock and metal. Guitarist Markus Steffen explains what the current line-up changes have achieved and reveals why "The Beacons of Somewhere Sometime" might even be called a concept album.

DEF LEPPARD - "We are Rock"

Def Leppard were one of the most successful rock bands of the eighties. And for the last two and a half decades, they have had to apologize. Now they've gone into forward gear again and claim that the new album was simply titled "Def Leppard" because only Def Leppard can sound like Def Leppard.

FRANK ZAPPA - Widerspruch als Lebensprinzip

Frank Zappa was a contentious spirit, and not only since he made the rock world uncertain with the Mothers Of Invention. He was messing with whoever he could, whether it was his parents, teachers, or peers. Zappa's penchant for contradiction contributed at least as much to his legend as his music. On December 21, he would live to be 75.

ANNA VON HAUSSWOLFF - Not without my organ

Anna von Hausswolff is one of the most unusual personalities of the current music scene. It is not only her expressive voice that attracts attention, but also the fact that she uses a church organ built especially for her as her main instrument. The young lady, who has a passion for composers such as Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass and György Ligeti, has thus contributed to establishing the "queen of instruments" in the field of rock music.

MANI NEUMEIER - To the seventy-fifth!

Unbelievable - but still true: One of Germany's most innovative and at the same time bizarre musicians may celebrate his 75th birthday on the last day of the year: Mani Neumeier, the Guru Guru founder, is one of the few in our country who has not yet lost his hippie ideals. Born in Munich, he stands for Love & Peace - and sometimes even Drugs. We're talking about an anarcho-clown, the eternal seeker, the man with the astonishing view of an amazing existence. eclipsed takes off his hat to an original on the occasion of his anniversary.


The craziest rock musical of all time! And the piece, which was initially successful as a musical in the early seventies, is still alive and kicking. Two years after its world premiere the film followed in 1975, which - after initial difficulties - also became a cult object. On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of its premiere, we will show what the fascination of this thoroughly exalted mix of horror theatre, B-movie, rock musical, science fiction and travesty show is. Let's do the time warp again.

WALTER TROUT - Alive and kicking

He's back! His new album "Battle Scars" features the best Walter Trout of all time. This is all the more astonishing as the US-American just jumped off the hook of death last year. Personally deeply sensitized by these events, the blues rocker delivers his most emotional work here. The concept album is also his most diverse audio document to date.

Prophets of doom - GAZPACHO tell of a machine that could destroy the universe

The dim light in the backstage area of Zeche Carl in Essen fits perfectly into the gloomy atmosphere that the Norwegian quintet has created on their new album. Keyboarder and main songwriter Thomas Anderson seems at first glance like the exact opposite of Gazpacho's dark art: a blond sonnyboy with an engaging, friendly character.