MASTODON - Martial sound medicine

22. November 2021

MASTODON - Martialische Klangmedizin

Rhythm guitarist Bill Kelliher is a tree of a guy you shouldn't compete against in arm wrestling or finger hooking. Although he seems rather grumpy at first glance, he turns out to be a charming conversationalist. Unlike Tool frontman Maynard Keenan, for example, he doesn't hide behind dripping irony and artistic aloofness, but talks at length about the eighth Mastodon opus "Hushed And Grim" and the personal experiences and feelings that underlie it

eclipsed: As on "Emperor Of Sand", "Hushed And Grim" is also about an emotional coming to terms with a death in the band's environment. Is it therefore a sequel?

MASTODON "Emperor Of Sand"

28. March 2017

You look like she couldn't knock anything over so fast. Mastodon are four brawny, angular, full-body tattooed mid-forties from Atlanta, who actually have something to do with mammoths. And who compensate their everyday worries in music.

MASTODON "Once More 'Round The Sun"

26. June 2014

Three years ago the band from Atlanta had developed a bit more towards simpler structures with "The Hunter", but at the same time they had carved out some irresistible Hammersongs. The new sixth Mastodon studio album can't quite keep up. The conditions were better than ever: "The Hunter" the band lifted the success ladder a few steps higher and the straggler of the "New Wave Of American Heavy Metal" had become a real heavyweight.