Foreigner mastermind MICK JONES turns 75 in December

02. December 2019

Im Dezember wird Foreigner-Mastermind MICK JONES 75 Jahre alt

The Englishman, born on 27 December 1944, started his musical career at the beginning of the sixties. At first he was mostly a session musician in France, from 1971 he was back in England, first with Wonderwheel and later with Spooky Tooth. The Leslie West Band went from London to New York City for Jones. Shortly before that he played on albums of Peter Frampton and George Harrison. In 1976 he founded Foreigner with Lou Gramm, Dennis Elliott, Al Greenwood and Ian McDonald, among others. Since the "40th Anniversary Tour" in 2017, these original members and at the same time the current Foreigner line-up around singer Kelly Hansen have been performing together again and again. To be heard on the recently released live work "Double Vision - Then And Now".

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