MRS. KITE - a man of conviction with staying power

30. May 2020

MRS. KITE - Überzeugungstäter mit langem Atem

Seven years after "A Closer Inspection" Mrs. Kite now releases her third album "Flickering Lights". It was worth the wait: The album presents a modern progressive rock that doesn't need to hide from the big names of the scene. Florian Schuch (vocals, keyboards), his brother Ferdinand (guitar), Philipp Verenkotte (bass) and Lukas Preußer (drums) have now released three albums - the first in 2006 still under the old band name It's Us.

Like its two predecessors, Flickering Lights" won the German Rock and Pop Award in the category "Best Progressive Band". But the prize didn't bring Mrs. Kite much luck, as the band remained rather an unknown quantity in the local prog scene despite their undeniable great qualities. That should and can now change with the new album that eclipsed talked about with the Cologne quartet.

eclipsed: For three years you worked on the album. Why did it take so long?