Paul Banks' new band MUZZ does not want to be a supergroup

25. June 2020

Paul Banks’ neue Band MUZZ will keine Supergroup sein

It is not new that Paul Banks likes to have a series of flings alongside his band Interpol. But he seems to be serious about his new project Muzz. Besides Banks, the group consists of drummer Matt Barrick from The Walkman and the Fleet Foxes and guitarist Josh Kaufman from the folk band Bonny Light Horseman. All three musicians have known each other for a long time. It was never really a question of whether they would get together, only when that would happen.

"Matt Barrick reconnected Paul and me," Kaufman recalls. "At least on a creative basis. As friends, we were always in touch anyway. But Matt worked separately with Paul and me on different projects. The word 'organic' might be a little overused, but that's how it feels now that the three of us are doing something together."