Underground Trips December 2017

23. November 2017

Underground Trips December 2017


1. Chromium Hawk Machine - Annunaki
2. Snakes Don't Belong In Alaska - Ancient...
3. Øresund Space Collective- Hallucinations...
4. Nik Turner - Life In Space
5. The Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman - Praha

1. The Luck Of Eden Hall - Make Way...
2. Zone Six - Zone Six - Seite B (1997)
3. Hawklords - Los Cavatina
4. Les Lekin -  Morph
5. Maat Lander - The Birth Of Maat's Galaxy Live

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ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE - Danish-American-Swedish Friendship

23. January 2017

ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE - Danish-American-Swedish Friendship

The starting point for the establishment of ØSC, however, is Scott Heller, a US American who came to Copenhagen in the late 1990s as a scientist to conduct research on diabetes. Because Heller's passion - besides medical research - is Space Rock. Soon after his arrival on the European continent he joined bands like Mantric Muse and Gas Giant. After leaving the latter, he organised jam sessions for like-minded friends, from which the ØSC eventually emerged. Since then, Scott Heller, who from then on called himself Dr. Space as a musician, has held the collective's fortunes in his hands: He's the doer, the organizer of the band.

With "Visions Of ..." the 23rd ØSC album is now available. A work with which the musicians continue to follow their path unperturbed, which knows only one goal: immersing themselves in the infinite vastness of Space'n'Psych

Underground Tips July 2016

22. June 2016

Underground Tips July 2016

Top albums

1. Tuber - Live At Freak Valley
2nd Dasputnik - Psykhi
Explosion 3rd Green Yeti - The Yeti Has Landed
4th The Infinite Trip - Stone Freakin' Hippy
5th Cambrian Explosion - The Moon EP
Top tracks

1. Dreamweapon - From The Side Of Man...
2. Merlin - Tales Of The Wasteland
3rd Oresund Space Collective - Ode To A Black Hole
4th Megaritual - Eclipse
5th Blown Out - Celestial Sphere

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