On "Here Now" POOR GENETIC MATERIAL philosophically dedicate themselves to the moment

28. September 2020

POOR GENETIC MATERIAL widmen sich auf „Here Now“ ganz philosophisch dem Augenblick

With the literary inspired albums "Island Noises" (2011) and "A Day In June" (2013), the German band around singer Philip Griffiths, son of the Beggars-Opera legend Martin Griffiths, and keyboarder Philipp Jaehne increasingly developed from an ambient formation to a prog and art rock band. Four years ago, PGM had set themselves the difficult task of making absence tangible in terms of sound. Now, on their new concept album "Here Now", they think about the quality of the moment. Guitarist Stefan Glomb gives information.

eclipsed: What's "Here Now" about?

Stefan Glomb: It's the counterpart to "Absence", because it's no longer about absence, but the opposite, the here and now, which we play through in different facets, just like its predecessor. "Absence" emphasizes the transience of the moment, "Here Now" now emphasizes the ever-present of the same moment. Two sides of the same coin.


21. September 2016

After Philip Griffith's father Martin had taken over part of the vocals on the last Poor Genetic material album "A Day In June", the band defied their name and successfully made the former singer of Beggar's Opera a permanent member of the band.