PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI - Artificial intelligence and real emotions

22. November 2021

PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI - Künstliche Intelligenz und echte Emotionen

Premiata Forneria Marconi, PFM for short, have been the musical figurehead of so-called Italo-Prog, along with Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, since the early 1970s. Now their new album "I Dreamed Of Electric Sheep" has been released, which refers to a science fiction novel by Philip K. Dick and the movie "Blade Runner" based on it.

PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI - Do you speak italiano?

22. November 2017

PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI - Do you speak italiano?

Premiata Forneria Marconi from Milan, PFM for short, were one of the most successful rock bands in their homeland in the seventies. Founded over forty-five years ago, the project continues to exist today with constantly changing members. The only remaining founding member is the 70-year-old singer and drummer Franz Di Cioccio. Musically, the current septet formation has always remained true to itself: complex progressive rock with a Mediterranean touch. Di Cioccio (71) and bassist Patrick Djivas (70), who has been with the band since 1974, are enthusiastic about their latest prank in an interview. And hungry to return to the stage with this one.

eclipsed: What do PFM have to do with "emotional tattoos", and what is that anyway?