eclipsed No. 180 / 5-2016

31. December 2016

KING CRIMSON - Always back to the beginning

THE RIDES - Still Stops Standstill

20. April 2016

THE RIDES - Still Stops Standstill

Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles. Mr. Stills lives in a stately estate in the mountains of the metropolis of millions. The folk rock star receives eclipsed in his home studio, where a lot of antiquated technical equipment is piled up. Most of it in better condition than himself: The 71-year-old is hard of hearing, suffers from a facial muscle paralysis that makes him almost incomprehensible, and prefers to talk about topics on which he was not asked at all. Here the compressed version of a memorable two and a half hour interview.

eclipsed: How are you, man?

Stephen Stills: So lala. My knees are over, and I can write better than I can talk. I also have all kinds of arthritis and the pneumatic thumb is not what it used to be.

eclipsed: That doesn't sound good!