STYX - "A band has to evolve, otherwise it's dead"

31. July 2021

STYX - „Eine Band muss sich weiterentwickeln, sonst ist sie tot“

The Styx saga continues: Four years after the concept album "The Mission", the band from Chicago reports back with the no less ambitious work "Crash Of The Crown". Even after about five decades in rock orbit, they continue to evolve without losing their identity. Founding member, guitarist and vocalist James "J. Y." Young has his very own take on things and chats candidly about his relationship with Chuck Panozzo, who still occasionally plays bass, and former keyboard leader and vocalist Dennis DeYoung.

eclipsed No. 192 / 7/8-2017

18. July 2018

STYX - 45 years in orbit

11. July 2017

STYX - 45 years in orbit

"Big Bang Theory", the title sounds like a concept album, but it wasn't. Unless you want to sell an album with cover versions as a concept. "When we released this record in 2005, it was more an inward than an outward signal," says Tommy Shaw, self-critically of the "The Mission" predecessor. "It was a desire and mood project in which we recorded our favourite songs from Blind Faith, Jethro Tull, Free, Jimi Hendrix or Procol Harum. Somehow everything got the Styx stamp, but out of respect not so much that you don't have to hear 'One Way Out' in the Allman Brothers version anymore, but sung by me. Let me put it this way: After the weak 'Cyclorama' of 2003 in retrospect, it brought us back on the right track."

River of the underworld