SYRINX CALL surprise with progressive sounds, Eloy musicians and sophisticated sci-fi storyline

22. February 2021

SYRINX CALL überraschen mit progressiven Sounds, Eloy-Musikern und anspruchsvoller Sci-Fi-Story

If Ian Anderson established the flute in rock, the same could apply to Volker Kuinke's recorder on Syrinx Call's albums. Their new, now third work goes one step further. More prog than before, less world music and new age. With no less than three musicians from the Eloy camp, including mastermind Frank Bornemann himself, they are also musically prepared for a highly sophisticated work about the evolutionary step of an artificial intelligence towards human empathy. Volker Kuinke (flutes, wind instruments), Jens Lueck (production, keyboards, drums, vocals) and Doris Packbiers (vocals, concept) provide information. In addition, the three Eloy musicians involved, Frank Bornemann, Hannes Arkona and Klaus-Peter Matziol, deliver enthusiastic statements in conclusion.

eclipsed: "Mirrorneuron" has become a genuine and highly ambitious concept album, similar to Jens Lueck's Single Celled Organism project. How did this approach and idea come about in general?