Play Busuki! - THEODORE from Athens presents his brilliant album debut

02. September 2016

Play Busuki! - THEODORE from Athens presents his brilliant album debut

Theodore never thinks while composing about what his listeners expect when they hear his music. "I play on it when I have an idea in my head," says the 24-year-old Greek, "and in these moments it's all about creating atmosphere. I don't like classical pop music like that. My stuff is more theatrical or cinematic. Three minute radio pieces are not for me." "It Is But It's Not" is the cryptic title of the first "real" album of the Athenian prodigy, after it threw the exclusively digital fragment "7" into the world in 2012. "That was a test balloon," explains the bearded man, "to see where my musical significance lies at 20. With my current record I am a big step further, I see it as my first true artistic calling card for the world."

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 89

24. August 2016

BLUES PILLS - Little Boy Preacher (3:33)
Album: Lady In Gold (2016)
Label/Distribution: Nuclear Blast/Warner

After the smooth introduction with the title track, the second Blues Pills-Longplayer really takes off with "Little Boy Preacher". Both on the album and on the sampler song the band from Örebro seems more soulful, subtle and mature. Elin Larsson in particular benefits from this orientation.

THEODORE "It Is But It's Not"

08. July 2016

What kind of music is this? How do you define them? Avant-garde? Ambient? Minimal music? Artrock? Cinematic pop? Constantly new drawers with ever more adventurous names are opened by the order lover in the imaginary genre cupboard listening to this music. You can't really squeeze Theodore's debut album, appropriately titled "It Is But It's Not" into any of them. The sound is too multi-layered, too unusual, too emotional to want to deal with dusty categories for a longer time.