The US band PUSCIFER sends their songs through the particle accelerator

01. December 2020

Die US-Band PUSCIFER schickt ihre Songs durch den Teilchenbeschleuniger

Puscifer, you can read everywhere, is a side project of Tool. But hasn't it long since been the other way around? Although the distances between Puscifer albums are getting wider, Maynard James Keenan and Co. give an eloquent testimony of continuity on the new CD "Existential Reckoning".

eclipsed: Your new album sounds like a 3D universe in space and time. How did it come about?

Mat Mitchell: For this album we decided to use an early digital work station called Fairlight. Their possibilities are very limited, but that forces us to be creative with these formats. The challenge was to still sound like Puscifer on this old tool. That's how the basic ideas for the album were born. We literally started pressing buttons. This created moods that told us in turn in which direction the emotions, stories and ultimately the tracks would go. We didn't think about a concept at all, which we then had to implement in terms of sound.

TOOL - "It sounds like Tool, 13 years later"

09. September 2019

TOOL - „Es klingt wie Tool, 13 Jahre später“

"The long awaited album of..." - one of the most popular phrases of label promoters to pretend interest in artists where there is often none. Different with Tool: With a new work by the Alternative Progmetal act, the expectations are indeed immense. Tool are a mystery, their lyrics, artwork and music are the subject of devoted discussions among supporters of the US quartet. Tools' fifth album, "Fear Inoculum", is now being released, and at once a host of new material will be released, plunged into its complex symbols.

eclipsed No. 82 / 5-2006

09. April 2014