TRANSATLANTIC - "The band is the concept!"

01. February 2021

TRANSATLANTIC - „Die Band ist das Konzept!“

Whenever Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy, Roine Stolt and Pete Trewavas get together for Transatlantic, you're quick to use superlatives. This time, however, the prog supergroup has taken it to the extreme once again. Because "The Absolute Universe" is nothing less than the wet dream of every prog fan: a concept album in three different versions

Transatlantic relations are no longer what they used to be, thanks to the Trump administration. In music, however, they still work splendidly. Separate yet united - we bring three of the four prog protagonists to the big eclipsed interview table for you. In our extensive title interview Neal Morse, Roine Stolt and Pete Trewavas talk about the different album versions and the genesis of "The Absolute Universe" as well as about visa problems, the Corona pandemic and good food. Plus: memories of the first sessions over 20 years ago!

eclipsed No. 157 / 2-2014

09. September 2014

stage clear for three

Yes again on big tour! In May the indestructible rock group will come to Germany for three concerts. In her luggage: three classics of her eventful history, which she gives to the best: "The Yes Album", "Close To The Edge" and "Going For The One". The British formation answered at the round table whether they still have time for a new album and how their new singer Jon Davison is doing.

The eclipsed annual review 2013

eclipsed No. 116 / 12-2009 - 1-2010

10. April 2014

40 years "In The Court Of The Crimson King"

"In The Court Of The Crimson King" founded Progressive Rock. Although there were already psychedelic experiments and ambitious concepts before 1969, it was only King Crimson who set to work with the will to create great art. It was the first album of the band that had just formed - and the only one in its original line-up.

40 years ago: CAN and AMON DÜÜL II release their debut albums

eclipsed No. 37 / 5-2001

08. April 2014

PROG AHOI! Progressive Nation at Sea

25. March 2014

PROG AHOI! Progressive Nation at Sea

Tuesday, 18 February, 5 p.m.: On the huge pool deck and along the higher parapet of the luxury liner Norwegian Pearl off the coast of Miami, around one thousand progfans from all over the world cheer for the multinational supergroup TRANSATLANTIC. The artificial palm trees all around symbolize the wonderful weather, which brings sunny 26 degrees Celsius. The mood couldn't be better. The hymn-like sounds of Transatlantic's current album "Kaleidoscope" unfold their very own greatness within this framework. This can be seen from the faces of everyone involved. The blue of the sky and the blue of the Atlantic Ocean, which pushes into Biscayne Bay, form the perfect setting for the longtrack "Into The Blue". Minor teething troubles - Mike Portnoy gets messed up once, Roine Stolt generates unwanted feedback - don't interest me. Again and again the audience stretches their hands into the air, mostly led by the radiant Neal Morse. Fans and musicians in unison.