Irish project VILLAGERS declares war on the algorithm blues

16. September 2021

Das irische Projekt VILLAGERS sagt dem Algorithmus Blues den Kampf an

Beatles or Beach Boys? Or maybe Gil Evans meets Alice Coltrane meets Todd Rundgren meets Burt Bacharach meets Bright Eyes? Villagers aka Conor O'Brien has created a surreal world on new album "Fever Dreams" that brings back many memories of the familiar and the familiar, and in the end amounts to a wonderful island of sound on which to rest from the stresses of reality. "I just wanted to have a good time myself with the band I had been touring with continuously for the previous three years," recaps the Irishman. "My main goal was to turn half-finished songs into something enjoyable together. More important to me than the concept for the final result is the social aspect of playing with real people in a real space."