WISHBONE ASH - Still embers in the ashes

02. March 2020

WISHBONE ASH - Noch immer Glut in der Asche

Founded in October 1969 by Martin Turner and Steve Upton and guitarists Ted Turner and Andy Powell, who had joined them through an advertisement, WISHBONE ASH became one of the driving forces of the British rock scene in the early 70s. Their trademark, the double lead guitar sound, rarely encountered at the time, quickly made them a live attraction. In the 51st year of their existence, eclipsed spoke with the only remaining original member Andy Powell about the band's history and the new album "Coat Of Arms".

At MUSIC & STORIES Uriah Heep, Nazareth and Wishbone Ash do the honours

02. December 2019

Bei MUSIC & STORIES geben sich Uriah Heep, Nazareth und Wishbone Ash die Ehre

Whoa! The Classic Rock heart was literally overturning when the first announcements of the January live event "Music & Stories" were released: Uriah Heep, Nazareth and Wishbone Ash, three bands of almost the same age, all around 50 years old in the Rock Earth orbit, actually come together at the same concert event! That's the "music" part, but what's with the "stories" component? Sweets Andy Scott, the host of this classic rock show of superlatives, gives us a first insight. And also points to sweet prospects for the future.

eclipsed No. 109 / 3-2009

10. April 2014

eclipsed check: 100 top cover songs

You turn on the radio, and there it is again, this déjà-vu: I know that, I've heard that before... Cover songs are omnipresent! In the best case, such a recording is not simply old wine in new tubes, but an ambitious transmission that reveals new facets of the song. We've gathered 100 songs to which this applies.

About the Art of Covering

eclipsed No. 69 / 2-2005

09. April 2014