eclipsed No. 132 / 7/8-2011

Defilee at Lake Geneva

Montreux - these eight letters have an almost sacred sound in the world of music festivals. You don't have to stress that you appeared at the Montreux Jazz Festival. One word is enough: Montreux. In this issue we trace the myth of Montreux: with a special on the history of this cross-genre event series, with an interview with festival founder and director Claude Nobs, and with a DVD featuring highlights from four decades of Montreux.

Part 3 North America/Sceneportrait: Progmetal

On the third stage of our journey through the history of progressive rock, we stop off overseas. There the customer of the new music arrived with some delay. But in time enough to have a say in the seventies. A mutation of Progressive Rock also originated in North America: Until today the most important Progmetal bands come from the USA.

First Takes at second litter

Black Country Communion make themselves comfortable on the Hardrock throne again. It's only nine months since guitarist Joe Bonamassa, singer/bassist Glenn Hughes, keyboarder Derek Sherinian and drummer Jason Bonham made their debut in the scene. But: The transatlantic supergroup has also managed a coup with its successor "2", which will now be released.

KATE BUSH with even better songs!

On her new work "Director's Cut" Kate Bush has taken on songs from her albums "The Sensual World" and "The Red Shoes" once again to refine them. But the 52-year-old is also working on new material. In addition, the woman, who went on tour for the first and last time in 1979, thinks loudly about performing again. The eclipsed authors Marcel Anders and Michael Loesl had the opportunity to ask the successful artist about all this and much more independently of each other.

Boogie 4 Stu - A Tribute to Ian Stewart

He is one of the tragic figures of Rock'n'Roll: Ian Stewart found out shortly before the photo shoot for the first single that he was no longer a member of the Rolling Stones. Nevertheless, he remained associated with the group until his death in 1985 - as a pianist and road manager. Now a young colleague has set a musical monument for him: For his project "Boogie 4 Stu - A Tribute To Ian Stewart" the Englishman Ben Waters brought top-class comrades into the boat.

The heritage of Esbjörn

When the Beatles raised to sing in the early sixties, they set the course for vocal rock for the next fifty years. For instrumental rock there has never been such an ignition before. The Swedish band Tonbruket shows that it would at least be possible.

Keep the text up! Cult songs and their meaning

Jim Morrison always wanted to be more than a rock star. The former film student has always been drawn to poetry. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Doors singer's death, we deliberately do not present a song text by Morrison, but one of his poems, and juxtapose this lines of his role model Arthur Rimbaud.

Bread and Games

"If you really want to stick a label on Colosseum, then we were the first jazz rock band in the world," says organist Dave Greenslade. Colosseum always had a hard time with drawers. In 1968 they had started to bring together apparent opposites like jazz, blues, rock and later also prog. The founding members Jon Hiseman (drums) and Dick Heckstall-Smith (saxophone) had earned their first merits with blues greats like Graham Bond and John Mayall. With Greenslade came the classical influences, with guitarist Clem Clempson the blues rock, with singer Chris Farlowe the soul. What they all had in common was the ability to improvise at the highest level

Maximum Psychedelic

With their new recording, Vibravoid prove once again that the original spirit of psychedelic rock is alive and kicking. Ten years after their album debut, the Düsseldorf group is fresher and more creative than ever. So much so that she ventures into one of the greatest psych classics and gives it new magic.