eclipsed No. 134 / 10-2011

The refinement of the perfect

With "Why Pink Floyd?" the British rock legend Pink Floyd not only refines their back catalogue, but also launches a marketing campaign that even surpasses the Beatles madness of 2010. eclipsed drummer Nick Mason took to the verbal sweatbox and demanded Tacheles - about ongoing reunion rumours, unreleased recordings, the current band chemistry and mistakes of the past. We also interviewed sound engineer Andy Jackson about his experiences with Pink Floyd. And: We start the walk through all the studios where the band ever recorded.

Soli Surcharge

The second solo stroke by Steven Wilson. With "Grace For Drowning", the Porcupine tree singer/guitarist and active partner of various collaborations presents an album in double CD format that leads to unknown territory. A challenge for old and new fans.

Year of anniversaries

Even if they have been living with and from the past for a long time: Before 2011, Queens executors Brian May and Roger Taylor had a bit of a jitters. After all, it stands for the 40th anniversary of a band that has only been reproducing for two decades - and whose legendary frontman would have turned 65 this autumn. But instead, November 24 marks the 20th anniversary of Freddie's death. May and Taylor look back and give also a small view.

The New Freedom

With "A Dramatic Turn Of Events" Dream Theater recultivate their traditional values after the departure of Mike Portnoy. The band seems to have emerged strengthened from the cast drama. In addition, composure, transparency and a more open approach to each other have spread in and around the New York progmetal kings.

root canal treatment

With their remarkable blend of death metal, prog, folk, psychedelic, blues and jazz, Opeth have become one of the most innovative and exciting bands on the metal scene over the last two decades. Their tenth album "Heritage" heralds another upheaval. One with which they can finally cut their roots.

Back on pole position after Monaco

At the moment Jean Michel Jarre seems to be on everyone's lips again. Through his big concert event on the occasion of the princely wedding in Monaco on July 1, people suddenly speak of the grand seigneur of electronic music, who are otherwise more enthusiastic about Elton John or Tom Jones. Especially in Germany, JMJ is taking off again.

Flotter Dreier

The Brew have managed to gain a steadily growing fan base solely because of their spectacular performances. And that's exactly what the Power Rock Trio's strategy has been so far. Now it has released its fourth studio album. With this, the English want to prove that they are beyond doubt even outside the stage.


Independent progressive rock music developed in Latin America at the beginning of the seventies from a lively beat and psychedelic subculture. More and more bands formed in Brazil and Chile, but especially in Argentina. But due to political upheavals and economic problems the scene never came to full bloom. Only since the late nineties do smaller scenes emerge again, in which all imaginable variations of the genre can be found.

Keep the text up! Cult Songs and their Significance

At the end of the seventies Joni Mitchell worked on a joint album with Charles Mingus. So she took his twenty-year-old number "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" and gave the instrumental Requiem for Lester Young a moving text about the coexistence of black and white in the USA.

Here comes Alice: Curtain up for his horror show

When Neal Smith, Michael Bruce, Glen Buxton, Dennis Dunaway and Vincent Damon Furnier gave their band the common name Alice Cooper at the end of the sixties, they had already been on the road for some time with a spectacular stage show. Frank Zappa gave them the chance to try their hand in the studio. Furnier took over the role of the frontman/woman Alice Cooper. From 1971 onwards, the musicians developed the typical Alice Cooper sound with the producer wonder child Bob Ezrin. Hits like "I'm Eighteen", "School's Out" or "Elected" documented this impressively - on top chart places. Three years later the band broke up and Alice Cooper became a solo artist...