eclipsed No. 141 / 6-2012

The band for all occasions

Genesis is familiar to anyone who owns a radio. So in the end every rock fan has an opinion about the multifaceted formation. Of course not everyone a good one. If Progressive Rock, whose figurehead the band was in its most exciting phase, is not everyone's cup of tea, rock lovers generally agree on the negative assessment of the British pop phase. But the truth is: Genesis are magicians, their music is still enchanting today. eclipsed lets himself fall into the comforting sounds of his old group together with Steve Hackett and presents a shopping list SPECIAL.

The aesthetics of resistance

In the eighties Talk Talk made one of the most amazing artistic turns in pop history. After elegant hits like "It's My Life", "Such A Shame" or "Life's What You Make It" the London synth pop formation converted to an uncompromising rock esotericism. Focusing on the fine chemistry of orchestral textures, the group around their mysterious head Mark Hollis became the inspiration for art rock bands like Radiohead. Four-fifths of their back catalogue is now back on the market via EMI.

Ken Scott on David Bowie's stroke of genius

David Bowie's glamrock manifesto "The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars" is re-released on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its release. eclipsed goes on a search for traces with someone who was jointly responsible for this rock musical comet shower that fell on Earth on 6 June 1972: star producer Ken Scott.

Disciplined Rebel

She is considered the figurehead of the New York punk awakening in the seventies and one of the leading rock poets. Patti Smith, now 65, has much more to offer: She works as a photographer, actress, book author, political activist and presents her first album in five years with "Banga". eclipsed jettete to London for an exclusive interview and met a fascinating woman.

The History of Progressive Rock,

Despite the so-called Iron Curtain and the associated arduous cultural exchange between Eastern and Western Europe, Progressive Rock also took place in socialist foreign countries. The Poles and Hungarians claim the largest pool of progacts for themselves, some even with international success.

Watcher of the highs

Astra have been called "Genesis on acid" before. A description that the quintet from San Diego certainly didn't want, but which they confirmed with their second album "The Black Chord".

With all its consequences

Peter Hammill is coming up with two new releases these days: In addition to his thirtieth solo album "Consequences", which has now been released, a new recording of Van der Graaf Generator will be released in June under the title "ALT" in addition to the series. His group, founded 45 years ago, presents a collection of instrumental pieces created during the rehearsals and recording sessions of recent years.


From the annual oversupply of open-air concerts eclipsed has again for this summer made a small, fine selection of events that guarantee fun, strictly according to the motto: value for money.

Keep the text up! Cult songs and their meaning

A timeless robber pistol, perhaps from the time of settlers, perhaps also from today: bold bandits, trigger-happy hillbillies and a narrator who remains hidden in the dense veil of powder steam. The lyrics to "Powderfinger" are among the most mysterious ever written by Neil Young.

The red or the blue capsule?

With his projects Ayreon, Star One, Stream Of Passion and Guilt Machine, 52-year-old Dutchman Arjen Anthony Lucassen has earned himself an excellent reputation among fans of progressive music since the mid-nineties. His most recent conceptual work "Lost In The New Real" again shows his preference for science fiction stories, but this time he links them to contemporary themes.